About Wynona's House

Wynona's House promotes hope, healing, and justice for child victims of abuse and neglect by coordinating investigations, prosecution, treatment, and prevention services for children and families.

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For over a decade Wynona’s House has been the designated Child Advocacy Center of Essex County, New Jersey for child victims of abuse and neglect and their non-offending caregiver.  The Center is a pillar of strength and support to the many families that come through our doors.  Wynona’s House multidisciplinary team approach, a team response to child abuse allegations, afford child victims of abuse and their families the opportunity to receive multiple services in a centralized location from representatives of law enforcement, child protection services, prosecution, mental health, medicine, family advocacy, and victim witness advocacy.  This unique model minimizes the number of times the child is interviewed, increases the success of prosecution, promotes the research and development of innovative evidence-based behavioral health treatment, and ultimately secures a safety net for the children and families of Wynona’s House. Our goal is to create a community where children are safe, families are strong, and victims become children again. For more information please visit www.WynonasHouse.org